We are pleased to announce the introduction of another premium service at Platinum Paws. Our Doggie Day Spa Services.
Your puppy is gently massaged and bathed with a shampoo and conditioner from our spa line leaving the skin and coat refreshed and nourished.
This mixture of mud and seaweed ingredients is massaged into the skin and coat, removing product build-up from previous baths and leaving a silky smooth finish. You will be absolutely amazed with the results. Plus, you'll take home a picture of your puppy in the mud!
We use a soothing blueberry facial cleanser specially designed to clean and refresh! This treatment works wonders on the tough stains that develop around the mouth and eyes.
Those paws take a beating! Our treatment cleans, soothes, and revitalizes the paws and pads. It's like a facial for the paws! Of course, we don't forget the nails. They will be trimmed and buffed to shine. We can even add a polish of your choice.
This is only a sample of our doggie day spa services. We offer a wide range of treatments and products to help your dog's skin and coat feel and look its best! Any of these services can be added to our Bath and Beyond or Full Groom packages - or let us custom design a spa package for your pet!
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